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Myths and Legends

Year 4 had a great time exploring the myths and legends surrounding merpeople and Beowulf. We looked at what goes into creating a legend and started writing our own simple legends. Here, you can see the illustrations we came up with after experiencing the book “Can You Catch a Mermaid?” by Jane Ray. Some very good attention to detail and engaging scenes, well done Year 4!


Recently, Year 4 started their investigations into electricity. One of our recent activities was to have a closer look at, and explore, some electrical components such as mains plugs and to create some simple circuits.

Welcome Back to Year 4!

In this, somewhat weekly, video some children discuss what we’ve started looking at in Science, Maths and English. A few minor missteps but, it’s a learning process. Enjoy the giggles…

Year 4’s Hour of Code is here!

Year 4 News Issue 6

In this sharing session, the children talk about their Anglo Saxon games.


Year 4 News Issue 5

Today we discuss how to do compact and expanded addition. Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment.


More about digestion

This group was also discussing their digestion activity.

We talk about digestion…

In this video, the children in one of the groups discuss the digestion activity they just finished. Please leave a comment.

Year 4 News Issue 4

A brief report on a prepositions activity and preparations for the school Christmas Production. Please leave a comment for the children.



Year 4 News Issue 3

We talked about our habitat models.