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Solid or Liquid?

Recently Year 4 began their Science Unit on Changing State and solids, liquids and gases. To further explore the characteristics of solids and liquids, Year 4 made slime! We then tried to work out whether it was a solid or a liquid! What do you think?


Beli Dor

Today, the Year 4s had the opportunity to visit Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katarina at Beli Dor (The White Palace). Our visit was to support the Princess’ drive to provide toys for poor children and orphans throughout the country. It was a great visit with lots to see and interesting history to listen to.

Earth Hour 2017

Year 4 was very excited to take part in EH2017! A huge number of the class took part. Some, because of commitments couldn’t but plan to today or tomorrow!

Great job Year 4!


Shakespeare Week 2017

We had a great time learning about Shakespeare and looking more carefully at his comedy A Midsummer’s Night Dream. We also enjoyed creating portraits of what we thought the characters might look like.


Science – Electricity (Buzz Wire Games)

One of the Year 4 groups explaining how their buzz wire game works and demonstrating it.

Our Buzz Wire display in class

Recently, we completed our unit on electricity and decided to create some buzz wire games! To win, a player must carefully take their “wand” around the twists and turns in the wire without setting off the buzzer. It is similar to the game called “Operation.” To complete the game successfully the children had to create a complete circuit with a power source, and buzzer. It was an excellent summative task.



Getting the characters ready for the next shot – using Jelly Cam.

Year 4 has really enjoyed covering the Animation topic in Computing. We have looked at the history of animation, and had a go at creating flip books as well as using some great software like Pivot Animator and Jelly Cam for stop Action animation movies.

Year 4 enjoyed learning about the Britsh artist Sonia Boyce. We especially found the idea of a “Memory Postcard” interesting so here are some examples of our “Memory Postcards.” On one side is a significant memory we have and on the other side, a picture for the memory. Excellent attention to detail and interesting ideas! Well done Year 4!

Lucian Freud

Recently, Year 4 completed the British Artists topic and we decided to create some of our portraits based on Freud’s work.

Myths and Legends

Year 4 had a great time exploring the myths and legends surrounding merpeople and Beowulf. We looked at what goes into creating a legend and started writing our own simple legends. Here, you can see the illustrations we came up with after experiencing the book “Can You Catch a Mermaid?” by Jane Ray. Some very good attention to detail and engaging scenes, well done Year 4!


Recently, Year 4 started their investigations into electricity. One of our recent activities was to have a closer look at, and explore, some electrical components such as mains plugs and to create some simple circuits.